You can submit the application to the territorially competent Polish consular office.

Remember! In Senegal, there is an efficient system for registering civil status records. Consequently, cases related to the recording of civil status events for which no civil status record has been drawn up are rare in Senegal.

Yes, you must submit the documents in person.

You can make an appointment via the e-konsulat system  / by phone at (+221) 33 859 57 70.

  1. application to the head of the registry office (available at the consular office),
  2. documents other than civil status records that constitute evidence of an event abroad, issued by a competent foreign entity,
  3. translation of evidence of an event abroad;
  4. valid Polish passport or ID card.

Remember! Documents drawn up in a foreign language must be submitted together with an official translation into Polish made by:

  • a sworn translator entered on the list kept by the Minister of Justice,
  • A sworn translator authorized to make such translations in the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA), consul.

The fee is 50 EUR.

The consul will immediately forward your application to the head of the registry office indicated by you.

You can collect the Polish copy of the certificate in person at the consulate or it can be sent by post.

In what cases can I submit an application for registration of birth or death in the Polish registry of civil status?

Birth or death that occurred abroad and has not been registered in foreign registers of civil status may be registered in the Polish register of marital status.

Registration of birth or death for which a foreign civil status record has not been prepared may take place in two situations:

  • if there is no registration of civil status in the country of birth or death (not applicable to Senegal),
  • if in the country of birth or death, where the registration of civil status is conducted, but the event was not recorded in the registers kept.

Legal basis

The Act of June 25, 2015, Consular Law

Act of November 28, 2014, Law on civil status records