You can submit the application to the territorially competent Polish consular office.

No, the documents can be submitted in person or by mail.

Make an appointment using the e-konsulat system .

  1. application to the head of the registry office,
  2. documents confirming the event abroad (or a certified copy thereof) together with a translation into Polish made by a Polish sworn translator or a Polish consul,
  3. valid Polish passport or ID card.

Remember! Documents drawn up in a foreign language must be submitted together with an official translation into Polish made by:

  • a sworn translator entered on the list kept by the Minister of Justice
  • Sworn translator authorized to make such translations in the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • consul.

The fee is 50 EUR.

The consul will immediately forward your application to the selected head of the registry office.

You can pick up the documents in person. The consul can also send documents to the address you specify – discuss this issue when submitting the application.

The refusal to perform the reconstruction takes the form of an administrative decision, which may be appealed against to the local voivode.

Who can submit an application for the reconstruction of a foreign marital status certificate?

An application for the reconstruction of the marital status record to the head of the civil registry office in Poland (also via the consul) may be submitted by:

  • the person affected by the event or their legal representative (e.g. the child’s parent),
  • another person who demonstrates a legal interest in registering the event or a factual interest in registering the death.

What document will I get?

The head of the registry office who recreates the content of the foreign marital status document will issue a complete copy of the marital status certificate.

Legal basis

The Act of November 28, 2014, Law on civil status records