You can submit the application at the territorially competent Polish consular office.

Yes, you must submit the documents in person.

Make an appointment using the e-konsulat system .

  1. valid Polish passport or ID card (available for inspection),
  2. application for a certificate,
  3. ensuring that there are no circumstances excluding marriage,
  4. a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate,
  5. if you have been married before, a copy of the marriage certificate with a note on its termination or a copy of the marriage certificate with a document confirming its termination,
  6. a document confirming the civil status of the future spouse (in the case of documents issued in countries other than Senegal) along with a translation made by a sworn translator or consul and legalization, unless otherwise provided for in separate regulations).

The fee is 50 EUR.

The consul issues certificates without undue delay, not later than within fourteen days from the date of submitting the application.

You can collect the certificate in person or it can be sent by post.

Remember! The certificate stating that under Polish law you can get married is valid for six months from the date of issue .

The refusal to issue a certificate takes place by way of a written notification of refusal to perform the action.

After receiving the notification from the consul, you have 14 days from the delivery of the notification to apply to the court competent for the registry office competent for the capital city of Warsaw for a decision whether the indicated reasons for the refusal justify the refusal to perform the act.

Does the future spouse have to be present during the visit related to the submission of the application for a certificate that we can get married under Polish law?

There is no such need, but the content of the document confirming the marital status of the future spouse should not raise any doubts and allow to complete all the data that should be included in the certificate that you can get married under Polish law. The document should, for example, identify the sex of the future spouse.

What is the difference between the certificate that I can get married under Polish law and the certificate of marital status?

The certificate that according to Polish law it is possible to contract a marriage indicates (by name) the person applying for it and contains the data of the future spouse. The person applying for such a certificate provides an assurance that there are no marital obstacles – not only about not being married, but also about the lack of close kinship that would preclude contracting a relationship, lack of information about diseases that prevent marriage, etc. Evidence scope of the certificate of marital status it is narrower: it concerns only the applicant and the circumstances of not being (or remaining) married.

Legal basis

Act of November 28, 2014, Law on marital status records

The Act of June 25, 2015, Consular Law