Diplomatic relations between Poland and the Gambia were established on January 21, 1975.

Political cooperation

Political cooperation during the Third Polish Republic

The Republic of Gambia is under the territorial competence of the Polish Embassy in Dakar. On November 19, 2018, Ambassador Margareta Kassangana presented her credentials to the President of the Republic of Gambia, Adama Barrow.

Economic cooperation

No bilateral economic agreements have been concluded between Poland and the Gambia. The value of trade between Poland and the Gambia remains low, with Polish exports dominating significantly. In 2016-2018, the value of exports ranged from PLN 19-30 million, with imports ranging from PLN 61,000 to 520,000. PLN. The trade is dominated by agri-food products, plant products, mechanical devices and textiles. Due to its seaside location, Gambia is a mass tourism destination, also visited by Poles. In the autumn and winter period, direct charter connections from Warsaw are launched. Currently, about 5,000 Polish tourists come to the Gambia every year.

Scientific cooperation