You can submit the application at a consular office

Apply for financial aid in person. In exceptional cases, the consul may provide financial aid ex officio. 

You do not have to make an appointment – you can come to the consulate without having to make an appointment during the normal working hours of the office. If possible, make an appointment by phone or e-mail. 

Required documents:

  1. Completed application for financial aid (available at the consulate).
  2. Identity document: ID card or passport.


In particularly justified cases, the consul may provide financial assistance necessary to return to Poland, provided that you undertake in writing to return the assistance upon your return.

The activity is free.

If the consul accepts your application, you will receive assistance as soon as possible.

Financial assistance is provided in person.

If you disagree with the consul’s decision, you have the right to appeal to the minister of foreign affairs. You must submit them to the office that issued the decision within 14 days of its receipt.

The consul may refuse to provide financial assistance if:

Can I apply for financial assistance to return to a country other than Poland?

No. Financial aid may be granted only for the return to Poland.

Can I, in a random situation, apply for the repayment of the liability for a period longer than 3 months?

Yes. In particularly justified cases, the minister of foreign affairs may postpone the date of reimbursement of all or part of the receivable or spread its payment in whole or in part into installments. The liability may also be canceled in whole or in part.

  • If you have lost your funds, the consul will facilitate contact with relatives or friends who will send you money through a bank or a company that provides such services.
  • In justified cases, if there is no other possibility of transferring the money, the consul may pay the equivalent of the amount that will be paid by relatives or friends to the MFA account or the institution’s account.
  1. you spent previously granted financial aid for purposes other than return to the Republic of Poland,
  2. you have not paid your previous financial obligations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  3. you have the opportunity to obtain funds to cover the necessary expenses, in particular by:
  • receipt of an amount sufficient to cover the cost of return,
  • payment of the return ticket by a third party,
  • the carrier deferring the payment for the return ticket,
  • using payment cards or other forms of non-cash payment.


Editable application for issuing a passport document (minors)

Legal basis

Act of July 13, 2006 on passport documents

Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of August 16, 2010 on passport documents

Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of February 15, 2010 on passport and central records

The Act of June 25, 2015, Consular Law

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