The consul cannot provide legal advice or act as your defense attorney.

If you need legal aid, you can use the list of attorneys that the clerk will make available to you upon request.

Below you will find a list of attorneys, notaries and translators operating in the consular district of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dakar.

  • List of attorneys and notaries
  • List of translators

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dakar is not responsible for the quality of services provided and other obligations that may arise from employing a translator or a law firm.

Remember that you can get help from a consul if you need a translation of certain documents. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dakar carries out official translations and also certifies translations. More information in the ” Translations ” and ” Translation Certificates ” tab .

Here you will find a list of Polish sworn translators entered on the list kept by the Minister of Justice