If you are detained, arrested or deprived of liberty, you have the right to request contact with a consul. The consul will ensure that the citizen of the Republic of Poland is not treated worse than the citizen of the country in which he is staying.

The consul may:

  1. maintain contact with the family of a detained, temporarily arrested or imprisoned person (only with their written consent) and provide information about the course of the proceedings (at their request);
  2. provide a sample list of translators and lawyers;
  3. explain the procedures and provide general information about the legal system in your country.

The consul  may NOT :

  1. provide legal advice, collect evidence and participate in the proceedings as an attorney;
  2. influence the course and results of court proceedings;
  3. provide sureties for the obligations of Polish citizens, pay attorneys or other possible costs (e.g. deposits) related to the proceedings.

Transferring funds to persons temporarily arrested or serving a sentence of imprisonment

Money transfers to prisoners can be made directly to the bank account of the arrest or correctional facility. It is the safe and fastest way to transfer funds to the person concerned.

If necessary – after prior telephone or e-mail contact – the consul will help in determining the data necessary to make the transfer. 

Remember! If a detained or arrested person, apart from Polish citizenship, also has the citizenship of the country in which the proceedings are pending against him, the consul’s assistance may be limited or excluded on the basis of international conventions and interstate agreements.